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Tanjung Puting National Park

Orangutan. Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan, Ind

Imagine you are an explorer heading to the jungle for wild orangutans and other exotic tropical animals to see and you will begin to get a sense of what a visit to the Tanjung Puting National Park is just to get .

The park , which is the territory of the size of Bali covers , is home to an amazing array of wildlife , including the world famous orangutans . The park is also not call home to monkeys , birds and other animals , to the pristine vegetation of the jungle itself. This is a world famous natural treasure that attracts a growing number of international visitors each year .


Tanjung which is located in Central Kalimantan . The area was originally declared as a game reserve in 1935 and became a national park in 1982 . The park is on a peninsula that juts out into the Java Sea . The size of the park alone means that the various habitat zones . This diversity means the park is home to a wide variety of residents , both flora and fauna .

Get flights from Jakarta to Palangkaraya and other major cities to Pangkalan Bun daily.

A number of tour operators run cruises from Pankalan Bun down the river. If you pre-arrange your tour, the tour operator will pick you up from the airport and transport you straight to the river.


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To do things in Purwokerto

Baturraden - Purwokerto

Sitting at the foot of Mount Slamet, the highest volcano in Central Java, is the thriving town of Purwokerto.

The capital region of Banyumas Central Java is only two hours by train away from the burning city by the sea Cirebon or about five hours away by executive class train from Jakarta.

Strategically located near a major road linking the southern coast of Central Java and the central highlands, Purwokerto has served as an important transit point for travelers on their way to other cities such as Yogyakarta and Semarang.

It is also known as a city of students thanks to the many universities such as Universitas Jenderal Soedirman and Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto.

The task of exploring Purwokerto is made ​​easier by Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, which divides the city in two.

To get around the city like a local and take the pedicab angkot (small public minibuses). A angkot ride typically costs Rp 3,000 (26 cents), while a pedicab ranges from Rp 10,000 to around Rp 25,000, depending on the distance.

Purwokerto actually has two taxi services operating but I hardly saw no taxis during my time there.

Gradually growing as a business center and a tourist destination, Purwokerto now has a number of best hotels such as the Hotel Santika Purwokerto, where I stayed two nights.

This hotel, which opened six months ago, and offers 121 rooms and suites. Its decorative elements Banyumas shadow puppets and batik. It is cheaper than the five-star Aston Imperium, but still quite decent.

The city has several attractions worth visiting, including the Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Museum on Jl. Jenderal Sudirman.

As the sculpture suggests in the front yard, the museum commemorates RA Wiriatmaja, pioneered the establishment of the Indonesian banking

BRI Musuem shows an interesting collection of old paper currency, the Dutch colonization era so far, along with pictures and dioramas depicting the activities of the bank.


Pendopo Si Panji, which now serves as the office of the administration, is also considered an important historic building.

When I went there (a large, pavilion-like structure built on columns) in the evening, the pendopo was filled with people who are practicing the Marawis, which is a small hand drum from the Middle East.

The Marawis group always run on Satu Suro night, the Islamic New Year.

Adjacent to the pendopo is the open public square, Alun-alun where to collect. Townspeople

Unfortunately, Alun-alun was deserted when I visited it due to the heavy rain.

Purwokerto is also home to many tasty dishes, Tempe mendoan is the most popular. Tempe, the fermented soybean cake thinly sliced​​, covered in flour and then deep fried. Tempe mendoan can be enjoyed as a main dish with rice or as a snack topped with chili sauce and soy sauce.


Also recommended is sroto ayam Jalan Bank H. Loso.

Apart from serving sroto that is aromatic chicken soup, this place also has several traditional desserts such as Es Durian (Durian soaked in coconut milk and palm sugar, served with ice cream) and Es Kopyor (served with coconut syrup and ice).

About 14 kilometers to the north, is the tourist magnet Baturraden that offers visitors fresh mountain air, fascinating waterfalls and lush tropical forests.

For the adventurous, choices of physical activity include climbing Mt. Slamet or rafting along the river Serayu.

Together with the city of Semarang, famous for the Chinatown vibe and colonial architecture, Purwokerto is a growing alternative to tourist Yogyakarta.

When to go

If you are planning to Baturraden, avoid the rainy season (October to February). Exploring the city can happen any time, but a great time to go is during Satu Suro for all Islamic New Year festivities at Alun-alun.

What U.S. $ 5 can buy

Pasar Loon, the largest traditional market in Purwokerto sells traditional snacks and food as Gudeg Banyumas (jackfruit cooked in coconut milk, served with rice and chicken or egg) and the famous tem mendoan.

Another wallet friendly place to go grocery shopping, the snacks center in Sawangan area

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4 family guesthouses in Bandung

The guesthouse business is blooming in Bandung as more travelers prefer to experience the city’s local customs and hospitality through convenient and relatively cheap, but good quality, accommodation.

Here are four featured family guesthouses to look at if you are planning to visit the city during this coming holiday season.

1. Neina Family Guesthouse

neina guesthouse

“Neina means great granddaughter. It’s my mother’s nickname,” Herwibowo Toha, the owner and founder of Neina Family Guest House located on Jl. Cigadung Raya Tengah 63, said. He said by naming his guest house Neina, he hoped that it would have a lasting future until his great granddaughter’s time, The guest house was born out of a passion for design. Herwibowo, a designer himself, renovated his old family house with simplicity and a maximum use of natural daylight and space in mind. A stay at Neina Family Guest House’s with four rooms each accommodating a maximum of eight persons is Rp 700,000 per week night. The price includes a choice of traditional Indonesian or American breakfasts.

2. Rumah Teuku Umar

Rumah teuku umar bandung

Gemala Rifa, the guesthouse owner, said that the guesthouse had been open since 2010, while previously the house belonged to his family. “We only rent the whole house [to a single customer] and then it will be up to them how many rooms they are going to rent,” she said adding that the guesthouse had four rooms which could accommodate up to four persons, nearby there are many cafes, restaurants and factory outlets. Yet the place still felt relaxing despite its central location. Rumah Teuku Umar is an ideal place to stay, especially, if you travel in large groups such as with family or friends as well as for private or corporate events, The rent starts from Rp 2,500,000 (US$251.46) per week night for three rooms and this includes free breakfast, housekeeper, and ready-to-use modern kitchen set.

3. Selaras Guesthouse


This guesthouse was also a family house which was then turned into a guesthouse, Tri Adi Pasha, a spokeperson for the guesthouse management, said that this family business was started in 2008 when his brother Wibisono Sjarif came up with the initiative, A while later the 1,500 square-meter family house was turned into a business starting as a restaurant then a guesthouse, This guesthouse provides complete facilities including a children’s play room called the Hom Pim Pa room which in its construction process involved local wood craftsmen.

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Betawi culture to enter city malls and hotels in Jakarta

Budaya betawi

As part of the effort to brand Jakarta as a city of culture, the city administration has issued a new gubernatorial decree that obliges malls, department stores, hotels and recreational sites to accommodate the development of culture-based enterprises.

The Gubernatorial Decree No. 49/2013 says that the business sites must introduce and sell traditional Betawi culture-based products as well as those of other cultures as a support to the preservation of the cultures.

Jakarta Tourism and Culture Agency head Arie Budiman said earlier this month that Governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo issued the decree to boost the local culture as the identity of the capital city.

“Therefore, the active role of the mall, department store, hotel and recreational site owners to provide outlets for introducing and selling culture-base products is very important,” he told The Jakarta Post.

Arie said the administration hoped that if malls, department stores, hotels and recreational sites put a piece of Betawi culture in various forms, including food, souvenirs and art performance in their business operations, the image of Betawi culture would stick with Jakarta in tourists’ minds.

“It will be good to brand the city’s image as a cultural city,” he said.

Arie said the scheme of the decree implementation would be discussed further with the stakeholders.

“We will meet with them after the Lebaran vacation to get their input on how the decree should be implemented,” he said.

He said that besides discussing with the stakeholders, his agency, together with the Trade Agency and the Micro-, Small-and Medium-size Enterprises (UMKM) Agency would help the Betawi culture-based industries meet with the required standards, so they could be sold and exhibited at malls, shopping centers, hotels and recreational sites.

UMKM agency head Ratnaningsih said her agency was now registering the small and medium businesses producing products related to Betawi culture and traditional art groups in Jakarta.

“We are recording the data first to see how many of them actually have fulfilled the standard applied in the market,” she said, adding that many of them did not have any required certification.

Ratnaningsih said her agency would later create training and workshops for those who were still struggling to meet with the standards.

The vice chairwoman of culture-based traditional industry of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), Putri K. Wardani, said she appreciated the step taken by the governor to support the development of the culture-based products.

Budaya betawi

Putri, who initiated the decree, said only a small number of malls, hotels and recreational sites had involved themselves with such industry.

Putri, who is also the CEO of cosmetic company Mustika Ratu, said that the decree would force the business owners to more actively involve and give opportunities for culture-based producers, mostly small and medium enterprises, to have a chance to develop.

“I hope the city administration would also keep monitoring and controlling the implementation of the gubernatorial decree,” she said.

Indonesian Association of Shopping Centers chairman Handaka Santosa supported the gubernatorial decree, saying that introducing traditional culture was one of the shopping malls’ concerns.

Handaka said, however, that the administration should give them time to adjust and implement the decree.

“Making a regulation is easy but implementing it is another story,” he said, adding that it took time to adjust with every new regulation. “Give us suggestions and solutions how to put the regulation into a real action,” he said.

Jokowi seems to be determined to change the image of Jakarta into a city of culture. He recently obliged Jakarta administration civil servants to wear Betawi attires every Friday.

He also gave a hint to require buildings that will be built in the capital city to characterize Betawi culture.

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Harmony on the island of yapen

Pulau Yapen

Have you ever heard the name of Yapen Island? Yapen Island is an island in the southern of Biak Island, Cendrawasih Bay – Papua, Yapen Island is a special island that many beautiful birds live here like Cendrawasih (the birds of paradise), turtles also chose coastal beaches to lay their eggs. The unique one, along the coast of inggrisaw and mambasiwi on this island, there are four species of sea turtles come to lay their eggs. One is the Belimbing Turtle, the largest turtle in the world where the adult reaches a length of about two meters and the shell striped lengthwise like starfruit.


In the Yapen Island, Cendrawasih Birds and turtles are protected, the conservation was started in 2011 by saireri foundation, which has a land area of 20.000 hectares in Yapen Island. Not only the challenges of nature, bird of paradise and turtle preservation of human challenges. Bird of Paradise is often hunted for their fur, which is used as the decoration of local custom clothing, hats to women in Europe in the last century. While sea turtles are harvested for food, and even the eggs were too.

Penyu Belimbing

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It’s a list of kid-friendly airline

For the Eid holiday with a toddler, select the first child-friendly airline. Especially if you want to go abroad so it took a relatively long flight. Here’s the list!



Dubai-based airline is offering a collection of exciting toys for children entitled “Fly With Me Monster”. Collection is designed specifically for children aged 2 years to 6 years. The types of toys divided into 3 categories: Blanket Buddies (Friends quilt), Seat Belt Critters (Baby Seatbelt), and Magnetic sketches (Sketch Magnetic). Collection of all these toys are provided in the aircraft cabin and given free. From Jakarta, Emirates has flights to Dubai route.

“Emirates continues to provide innovative services for families and young passengers, is our commitment to provide a comfortable ride,” said Mohammed Al Nahari, Emirates Country Manager for Indonesia during a Press Conference in Jakarta.

For older children, ages ranging from 6 years to 12 years, Emirates offers a variety of travel products that inspire by travel. In collaboration with Quiksilver, they provide some travel requirements such as: travel journal, wallet surfing, and card games.
Not just toys, Emirates also provide special menus for their young passengers. Can be tailored to the tastes and needs of the child, as long as 24 hours before a flight booked through a travel agent or directly to the office of the Emirates.

Airlines KLM

Dutch national airline is providing locker room large enough diapers on the plane, as well as diapers and baby wipes. KLM is also the only airline that allows passengers to carry stroller. There are also baby food and other supplies, free of charge. To get all these facilities, passengers must register first to the Junior Jet service. From Jakarta, KLM serves a number of routes to countries in Asia and Europe.

Singapore Airlines

for passenger baby, basket beds available, diapers and milk bottles. For older children, especially for children available channels, plus video games that can be played with other passengers. Child’s special food menu can also be ordered on all flights except the Singapore – Kuala Lumpur route. To ensure this special service, make sure you report it to the needs of Singapore Airline office to fill out a special form in advance


Eva Air

Hello Kitty character provides special cabin for passengers pamper their kid. Starting from the apron of the flight attendants, food until toiletris nuanced bottles Hello Kitty character. This particular cabin serves some other route between Taipei-Hong Kong, Taipei-Tokyo also Taipei – Shanghai. From Jakarta, Eva Air flies to several destinations such as Taipei, Seoul, Macau also San Francisco, USA

Japan Air Lines

Planes Japanese original is quite friendly and splurge on infant passengers. Even specifically for babies under 2 years old, JAL provides equipment such as spoon that shaped like aircraft and eat and drink boxes that can be owned passenger by Tupperware.

They also provide aircraft miniature games, origami, cards, and a variety of children’s books. From Jakarta JAL serve diverse routes to cities in Japan, Korea or the United States.


Tanjung Lesung beach – Loveliness in west beach java

The word ‘lesung’ reminds us of the sweet small smile on the cheek. Well, the name of Tanjung Lesung perhaps like to a similar of beauty. This beach does look attractive because the location where the beaches are like dimples land jutting into the sea from the beach sand sprinkled water sparkling clear water and beautiful to look at.

Pantai Tanjung Lesung - Gallery (3)

Indonesia fortunate awarded many beaches with charming views. Almost in every province in the archipelago there are beautiful beaches that are a lot of good that has not been a lot of famous or unknown. One of the beautiful beaches worth visiting are Tajung Lesung beach cover up a stone on the west side, exactly Tanjung Jaya village, district PANIMBANG, Pandeglang, Banten Province.

If earlier during a visit to Banten choose Carita or Beach Anyer beach, so this time why do not you pay a visit to the Tanjung Lesung. Here the scenery is no less spectacular beaches with sea water bath and the vast lake hills are not so steep.

The name ‘ cape mortar ‘according to the local community expression derived from beach location nomination form similar land jutting into the sea end of the mortar, that the traditional tools of rice pounder. This beach prevalence of approximately 1,500 hectares and officially opened to the public in January 1998.
When in this beach you will feel like being in Bali for its beaches on the island are similar. Gently sloping sand beaches reaching 15 kilometers to give enough space to the visitor to perform a variety of fun activities, from playing the sand, sunbathing, or exercising.

Pantai Tanjung Lesung - Gallery (1)

Besides the beaches are still clean and natural, a stone Cape Coast also offers white sand bath rug. Walking on it was accompanied by a slight breeze own enjoyment. Its waves are not too big to allow you to swim, jet skis, snorkeling, boat rides, or fishing.

Cape Coast is perfect mortar for couples who want to honeymoon. Suasanya wraps calm nature, romantic scenery. Walking on the beach while the evening with the couple join hands and listened as the waves splash will be very beautiful and become effective and romantic memories.