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Sundara – Four Seasons’ latest addition


In contrast to the shores of Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua, and even the remote Ungasan, Jimbaran is scarce when it comes to stylish beach clubs.

While it is true that the Muaya in Jimbaran area is already full of restaurants , these places do not offer comfortable all day often found at the beach club . This situation is reflected in the long line of people trying to get into the Spa Rock Bar at Ayana Resort .

So , when four seasons closed their dining PJ’s and came up with the new and more elegant version is Sundara , we thought it was a good move because it would certainly fill the gap luxury needs in the field .


Sundara is designed by Koichi Yasuhiro, who also designed the Rock Bar in the same area where these are the one of the best places in Bali .

The hall is divided into several areas , including the main restaurant and mezzanine bar, al fresco dining area , and also the pool .

The sparing use of massive walls means that all these dining rooms offer a generous view of the ocean . Come at noon and you will see a clear view of the sparkling sea , or come late in the afternoon for the scenic sunset .

Food wise, the hotel serves as Jimbaran is known for : fresh seafood . Executive chef cook Greg Bunt has brought the luxury of fine dining at this establishment, which is actually quite laid back in many ways , and the combination works well .


Many places in Jimbaran serving dishes such as mixed seafood and wood-fired pizza, which serves are quite similar to what Sundara . But people often complain of paying too much for too little taste at a dinner in many places in Jimbaran , while Sundara does not seem a place to create such a problem.


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Beauty contest by the sea

Miss World 2013

Participants from 130 countries have begun to arrive in Bali.

During the first week of their stay, participants visited the temple Tanah Lot in Tabanan, and participated in the Sports Challenge in Nusa Dua.

The Tanah Lot trip was exciting experience for the ladies.

“I’m very happy. I have seen similar things in Thailand, but this is the first time I built a sea view,” Reigning Miss World 2012 Yu Wenxia said about her experience at a press conference last Saturday.

Miss World 2013

Tanah Lot temple is indeed beautiful, and it is one of the iconic cultural attractions of Bali. This Hindu temple is unique because it is built on a rocky island off the coast of Tabanan coast.

The morning after the opening ceremony, which was held on September 8, participants woke up early and took part in a turtle release program at Nusa Dua Beach.

Part of Miss World’s “fast track” programs, will be followed by the Sports Challenge: Beach Fashion, Talent Show, Top Model, Beauty with a purpose, and Multimedia. Winners of these programs will earn points to qualify as a semi-final.

For the group Sports Challenge on September 10, participants were divided into four groups and competed in volleyball, tug of war, a race Bakiak (Indonesian three-legged race) and a game in which each group competed to fill a perforated bucket with water from the sea.

The Yellow Team, consisting of participants from Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Nicaragua, dominated this event by winning three of four games.

Miss World 2013