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Sundara – Four Seasons’ latest addition


In contrast to the shores of Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua, and even the remote Ungasan, Jimbaran is scarce when it comes to stylish beach clubs.

While it is true that the Muaya in Jimbaran area is already full of restaurants , these places do not offer comfortable all day often found at the beach club . This situation is reflected in the long line of people trying to get into the Spa Rock Bar at Ayana Resort .

So , when four seasons closed their dining PJ’s and came up with the new and more elegant version is Sundara , we thought it was a good move because it would certainly fill the gap luxury needs in the field .


Sundara is designed by Koichi Yasuhiro, who also designed the Rock Bar in the same area where these are the one of the best places in Bali .

The hall is divided into several areas , including the main restaurant and mezzanine bar, al fresco dining area , and also the pool .

The sparing use of massive walls means that all these dining rooms offer a generous view of the ocean . Come at noon and you will see a clear view of the sparkling sea , or come late in the afternoon for the scenic sunset .

Food wise, the hotel serves as Jimbaran is known for : fresh seafood . Executive chef cook Greg Bunt has brought the luxury of fine dining at this establishment, which is actually quite laid back in many ways , and the combination works well .


Many places in Jimbaran serving dishes such as mixed seafood and wood-fired pizza, which serves are quite similar to what Sundara . But people often complain of paying too much for too little taste at a dinner in many places in Jimbaran , while Sundara does not seem a place to create such a problem.


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Detox retreats in Bali

Detox retreats in Bali

It’s hard to get away from the toxins of these so-called modern age , because it is exposed to them . Continuously through water, food , and even the air away

In an effort to combat the negative effects of exposure which choose the weapon of detoxification , which gives them a chance to give their body , while eliminating the harmful substances extra attention from their system .

In order to focus on eliminating toxins , some people choose to stay in a detox retreat , usually supporting a peaceful area of ​​the goal.

Detox retreats in Bali

Detoxification usually involves eating only healthy foods that are easy to digest , so the body can concentrate on eliminating toxins . The body usually uses more energy to break off the enzymes of food derived from animals and waste of such foods has been known to cause diseases. Some retreats like Bali Bagus Jati , even serve vegetables grown in their own garden .

A detox retreat facility is usually equipped with experts offering consultation sessions about the visitor body condition and lifestyle. The information is then used to create a special program to condition the visitor fit design.

These experts would check to make sure that the program is going well. ‘Health visitor They would help to identify symptoms that may occur as a result of eating unhealthy food or other causes the visitor.

During the detox sessions, visitors are advised to take in the light of activities such as yoga, massage, or even dancing or martial arts for energy restoration, self-evaluation, or maintaining the strength part.

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Pulau Kadidiri – Secret dive paradise

Pulau Kadidiri

For diving fanatics, the name Kadidiri Island is a famous leading destination in Indonesia, but it is still little known outside the diving community. Located at the tip of the Gulf of Tomini in Central Sulawesi, Kadidiri is one of the islands in the National Park Togean containing the wealth of the Coral Triangle.

With white sand beaches and amazing glassy water, Kadidiri’s exotic beauty and charm make it one of the most important tourist destinations of the area. Kadidiri is a paradise for divers for its beautiful underwater scenery, rich coral reefs and beautiful marine life. The waters around Kadidiri support more than a thousand species of marine animals, many of which are endangered and protected.

Pulau Kadidiri

Togean The islands were formed by volcanic activity, and are covered with dense rainforests, surrounded by ancient coral reef formations. The islands are a very secluded paradise, composed of 56 almost-uninhabited islands that have managed to retain a natural elegance, unspoiled by man. The Togean Archipelago is not easy to achieve, but anyone willing to make the effort will be more than rewarded with everything you would expect from such a difficult-to-reach destination and much more! Ultimate seclusion, endless entertainment, and excellent diving and snorkeling, which may very well be the best found in Indonesia, if not the world.

Located in the Coral Triangle that stretches from the Philippines and East Malaysia through the Indonesian archipelago to East Timor and the Solomon Islands, the Togeans are the only islands in Indonesia, where all the main types of reef can be found in one place: atolls, barrier and fringing reefs.

Pulau Kadidiri

The reefs are in excellent condition and maintain an almost impossible abundant marine life. Parrot fish, banner fish, moon fish, starfish, blue striped sea snakes, and spotted stingrays are just some of the species that you may encounter in the ankle-deep waters, only a few meters from the coast. For more experienced divers, eager to further head out to sea, sightings of sea turtles, black-tail barracuda and blue marlin are quite common. If you are patient (or lucky) enough, the scalloped hammerhead can even visit. Another popular dive site is the wreck of an American B24 bomber from World War II. The aircraft is largely intact, and is home to nudibranchs, lionfish, and large schools of jackfish.

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A colorful on toba lake festival

Toba lake festival

Some jovial events marked the opening of Lake Toba Festival 2013 last weekend in North Sumatra.

Among those who attended the festivities Tourism and Creative Economy Deputy Minister Sapta Nirwandar, Coordinating Economic Minister Hatta Rajasa and North Sumatra Governor Gatot Pujo Nugroho.

The event is intended to bring more exposure to the lake which is one of the largest in the world, and shows the highlights of traditional and recreational activities in the region.

During the festival, held competitions including the World Drum Festival, a paragliding competition and a singing competition.

Toba lake festival

Apart from these competitions, the festival will also be an exhibition of traditional games and diverse heritage workshops.

Visitors have access to them all free.

The festival is held on the island of Samosir, the land mass in the middle of the lake, from September 8 to September 14

The festival was previously known as Pesta Lake Toba (Feast of Lake Toba), but changed its name to Lake Toba Festival as this time it is said to be larger in size and aims to strengthen its reputation as an annual international event.

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AirAsia now links Makassar to Singapore


Low-cost carrier Indonesia AirAsia (IAA) now serves international tourists, especially Singaporean, who want to travel to the eastern part of Indonesia with a route Makassar to Singapore.

The launch of the new route was revealed by CEO Dharmadi in a release that Travel to The Jakarta Post on Monday.

“Makassar and Singapore are now connected within two and a half hours. We are proud to connect eastern Indonesia, Singapore,” he said.

Air Asia

The IAA will serve flights Singapore to Makassar route with AirAsia’s new Airbus A320, which has 180 seats. The route will be effective from July 1, with four flights a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

The Makassar – Singapore route is the second international route IAA in Makassar has opened up previously it had opened the Makassar – Kuala Lumpur route.

Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi, has beautiful marine tourist destinations, including world class dive sites, not to mention unique culinary destinations where. Various delicacies Makassar is also a host to Trans Studio, the first indoor theme park in Southeast Asia.

Air Asia

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Discover the beautiful of selayar island on south sulawesi

Selayar Island

If you like finding remote travel spots and finding non-tourist places, then this secret spot, Selayar Island, in South Sulawesi will meet, delight and inspire.

Culture abounds in Selayar. The small seaside town Kayu Panda is home to sea gypsies. If you’re lucky, and the season is good, you get the chance to meet. The Bajo They only live in the village for five months of the year and head out to sea on their small, colorful traditional wooden fishing boats roam the seas, as they have done for centuries over.

Another interesting village is located just twenty minutes from Benteng (the main town). Bitombang Old Village is perched high in the hills where the houses are hung on high poles, dangerous sandwiched between huge boulders. The average age of the villagers is said to be 90. According to local folklore, the houses are built to increase. High in life expectancy I certainly saw evidence of this and can attest to the elderly population of Bitombang.

Selayar Island

Selayar not only has a rich culture, but it is also a paradise for divers. The famous Taka Bone Rate National Sea Park is the third largest coral atoll in the world, after the Marshall Islands and the Maldives. With this big drawing card would you expect tourism developed, several dive resorts and five-star to find hotels but this is not the case. Selayar is like a secret. It is a place where time has stood still.

Accommodatios are usually families with some very average three-star hotels and only two dive resorts.

Selayar Dive Resort is very well run and the other is barely functioning. Your third choice is a very remote national park run dive facility, six hours from the mainland, with homestay accommodation.

Selayar Island

The best place for diving and snorkeling is Selayar Dive Resort. A jovial, German character by the name of Jaochim works charming eight-water bungalow dive resort. With twenty five years experience as a divemaster, you are very safe, experienced hands and in fact, Selayar Dive Resort is the perfect place to learn to dive.

The resort is conveniently located on the edge of a protected marine park, so you’re in for a visual treat underwater, in the vicinity of your bungalow. What you discover, with either a tank or just flippers and a mask, is a dramatic 70 meter deep reef wall, beautiful rich colored coral, sleepy turtles and a unique marine environment on a pristine island photogenic. Getting to the resort is easy as the resort will arrange your transport from Makassar to Bira the air-conditioned car and then you are transferred by speedboat to the island.

When exploring the island, that Selayar has three beautiful white sandy beaches. Day trips are easily arranged with a local fishing boat captain in the port and harbor near Benteng, the main town. Armed with a picnic and a sense of adventure, you are guaranteed to see. No other tourists.

Selayar Island

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Medical treatment for tourism in bali as a new trend

Medical tourism in Bali

While many can go in detail about their experience of surfing and sunbathing in Bali, there is a variety of travelers whose stories about the island’s face lifts and tooth repairs.

Medical tourism is an ongoing global trend that people are willing to travel great distances or look for a better or cheaper medical treatment.

Bali is more the case of value for money when it comes to medical tourism.

“Why choose Bali? It is because of the cheaper price here, and combining it with a holiday, so they have time to recover, people,” said Louise Cogan owner of Cocoon Medical Spa, a modern spa early this year in Legian, Bali established.

Medical tourism in Bali

Cogan’s office sets their prices are up to 83 percent cheaper than the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

A full face Cutera laser skin rejuvenation procedure that generally costs U.S. $ 3,000 in the U.S. can be done for $ 500 at Cocoon Medical Spa.

The lower cost of labor and medical goods, combined with the tremendous hospitality facilities on the island, has meant that Bali is rapidly developing medical tourism.

The Bali Indonesia Medika Citra (BMC) hospital in Nusa Dua is a medical facility that provides treatment and vacation packages.

Sun, Sand & Smile program BIMC, for example, the customer BIMC get dental treatment during a one week stay at the Courtyard Hotel, which is owned by the Marriott Hotel chain, all for less than U.S. $ 1,400.

The facilities all claim their doctors and nurses are qualified for this. The training of employees in the Cocoon Medical Spa, for example, was provided by the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Science (ACMAS).

Deborah Manning is a native of New South Wales, Australia, who flew to Bali for special treatments at Cocoon Medical Spa. “I’m satisfied. I have four procedures here so far,” said Manning Travel to The Jakarta Post on Thursday.

“Our Australians see Bali as a place that offers value for money. Treatments here would cost three to four times more in Australia,” Manning added.

Customers from various countries have begun to take interest in medical tourism in Bali. “Ninety percent of our customers are foreigners, Australian, French and Russian are where most of them came from,” claimed Cogan.