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AirAsia now links Makassar to Singapore


Low-cost carrier Indonesia AirAsia (IAA) now serves international tourists, especially Singaporean, who want to travel to the eastern part of Indonesia with a route Makassar to Singapore.

The launch of the new route was revealed by CEO Dharmadi in a release that Travel to The Jakarta Post on Monday.

“Makassar and Singapore are now connected within two and a half hours. We are proud to connect eastern Indonesia, Singapore,” he said.

Air Asia

The IAA will serve flights Singapore to Makassar route with AirAsia’s new Airbus A320, which has 180 seats. The route will be effective from July 1, with four flights a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

The Makassar – Singapore route is the second international route IAA in Makassar has opened up previously it had opened the Makassar – Kuala Lumpur route.

Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi, has beautiful marine tourist destinations, including world class dive sites, not to mention unique culinary destinations where. Various delicacies Makassar is also a host to Trans Studio, the first indoor theme park in Southeast Asia.

Air Asia


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Arrival and departure

Most people living in the Netherlands probably fly with KLM / Air France via Paris to Antananarivo Schiphol (short: Tana) and back. Here some advice,

If you have your travel plans you can not go the very next day after arriving on tour. You then run the risk that you should do. Long time without case The flight from Paris to Antananarivo, arriving around 22:30 is notorious for leaving luggage in Paris. And since this flight every 2 days go, it is essential to be sure to pick up your suitcase. Itself again after 2 days Our tour began, the day after arrival, with a short trip from Tana to Andasibe and return, with one night, and so we were just in time to pick up. My suitcase from the airport There is really nothing to get at that airport even a toothbrush, even our hotel had nothing, so plug for safety some extra stuff in your hand luggage or change the time what with the trunk of a travel partner.


Antananarivo is not a city where you want to stay long. There is little to do and, reputedly dangerous.
Tana plane to Paris at around midnight, so you’ll want to spend in each case.’s last day in Tana I would like to recommend the following program:

1. visit Ambohimanga, the only cultural place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Take as a guide to visit, walk around and enjoy the views. Buildings and palaces

2. Lunch at the Café de la Gare. This restaurant is housed in the former railway station Tana. Amazing!

3. Ride to the highest hill where the palace (Rova) Queen Ranovalona II. The palace is ws still closed for renovations, but the area adjacent viewpoint is fantastic.

4. Visit the Marche Artisanal de la Digue, where you can find. Around 100 shops in any souvenir

Traffic in Tana is hopeless. Count at least 2 hours to get. From one side of town to the other


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It’s a list of kid-friendly airline

For the Eid holiday with a toddler, select the first child-friendly airline. Especially if you want to go abroad so it took a relatively long flight. Here’s the list!



Dubai-based airline is offering a collection of exciting toys for children entitled “Fly With Me Monster”. Collection is designed specifically for children aged 2 years to 6 years. The types of toys divided into 3 categories: Blanket Buddies (Friends quilt), Seat Belt Critters (Baby Seatbelt), and Magnetic sketches (Sketch Magnetic). Collection of all these toys are provided in the aircraft cabin and given free. From Jakarta, Emirates has flights to Dubai route.

“Emirates continues to provide innovative services for families and young passengers, is our commitment to provide a comfortable ride,” said Mohammed Al Nahari, Emirates Country Manager for Indonesia during a Press Conference in Jakarta.

For older children, ages ranging from 6 years to 12 years, Emirates offers a variety of travel products that inspire by travel. In collaboration with Quiksilver, they provide some travel requirements such as: travel journal, wallet surfing, and card games.
Not just toys, Emirates also provide special menus for their young passengers. Can be tailored to the tastes and needs of the child, as long as 24 hours before a flight booked through a travel agent or directly to the office of the Emirates.

Airlines KLM

Dutch national airline is providing locker room large enough diapers on the plane, as well as diapers and baby wipes. KLM is also the only airline that allows passengers to carry stroller. There are also baby food and other supplies, free of charge. To get all these facilities, passengers must register first to the Junior Jet service. From Jakarta, KLM serves a number of routes to countries in Asia and Europe.

Singapore Airlines

for passenger baby, basket beds available, diapers and milk bottles. For older children, especially for children available channels, plus video games that can be played with other passengers. Child’s special food menu can also be ordered on all flights except the Singapore – Kuala Lumpur route. To ensure this special service, make sure you report it to the needs of Singapore Airline office to fill out a special form in advance


Eva Air

Hello Kitty character provides special cabin for passengers pamper their kid. Starting from the apron of the flight attendants, food until toiletris nuanced bottles Hello Kitty character. This particular cabin serves some other route between Taipei-Hong Kong, Taipei-Tokyo also Taipei – Shanghai. From Jakarta, Eva Air flies to several destinations such as Taipei, Seoul, Macau also San Francisco, USA

Japan Air Lines

Planes Japanese original is quite friendly and splurge on infant passengers. Even specifically for babies under 2 years old, JAL provides equipment such as spoon that shaped like aircraft and eat and drink boxes that can be owned passenger by Tupperware.

They also provide aircraft miniature games, origami, cards, and a variety of children’s books. From Jakarta JAL serve diverse routes to cities in Japan, Korea or the United States.