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All Time Nias” Surfing at Sorake Bay and Lagundri Beach

As far as surfing goes in Indonesia, the Bay of Sorake and Lagundri Beach on Nias island is THE ultimate destination. Nias’ Sorake Bay is an internationally renowned surfing spot, and has become one of surfing’s most exotic wave-searching destinations. Every year, surfers flock from across the globe for a chance at its legendary point break. International surfing competitions have been held in Nias since 1993, and even the World Championship Surfing competition in 2000. Touted as the second best surfing spot in the world after Hawaii, the bay is located in the district of Teluk Dalam on the Southern tip of Nias Island.


Nias is the name of the archipelago off the west coast of North Sumatra consisting of 131 islands. Nias Island is the largest, covering an area of about 5,000 square kilometers—slightly smaller than Bali. Of the 27 islands immediately surrounding Pulau Nias, only 11 are inhabited. Pulau Nias itself is approximately 125 km west of Sumatra.

Before the island’s discovery by three wandering surfers in 1975, Nias was known only by a few hard-core travellers—the island’s main visitors being archaeologists who went there to study its ancient culture and megalithic traditions. The “tourism boom” brought about by the surfers caused a rapid growth in eateries, accommodations and attractions, but much of the culture and tradition have survived and maintained their authenticity despite outside influences.

Sorake Bay is enclosed by the beaches of Lagundri and Sorake, giving it both left and right hand breaks. Unaffected by winds and tides, the constant flow of waves is perfect for novice and professional alike to practice, play and perform! Waves are typically 3 to 5 meters, but have been said to reach as high as 15 meters. Some start from as far as 200 meters from the beach, can have up to 5 levels, and even rolls unbroken all the way to shore. The catch-phrase “All time Nias,” comes with the understanding that unlike most parts of the world, Sorake Bay delivers non-stop waves throughout the entire year, making any time of year the best time for surfing. The highest waves are between May and September, with most competitions being held from June till July.

On December 26, 2004, an earthquake of enormous proportions struck just a few kilometres north of Pulau Nias. Measuring 9.2 on the Richter scale, it was one of the deadliest recorded natural disasters in history. The tsunami that followed the earthquake changed the island’s coastline remarkably, with the coast moving 50 meters inland in some areas, and as much as 100 meters of new land exposed in others. Hundreds were killed and much of Nias was destroyed. The number of tourists declined dramatically after that, but now they are slowly beginning to filter back in.

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It’s a list of kid-friendly airline

For the Eid holiday with a toddler, select the first child-friendly airline. Especially if you want to go abroad so it took a relatively long flight. Here’s the list!



Dubai-based airline is offering a collection of exciting toys for children entitled “Fly With Me Monster”. Collection is designed specifically for children aged 2 years to 6 years. The types of toys divided into 3 categories: Blanket Buddies (Friends quilt), Seat Belt Critters (Baby Seatbelt), and Magnetic sketches (Sketch Magnetic). Collection of all these toys are provided in the aircraft cabin and given free. From Jakarta, Emirates has flights to Dubai route.

“Emirates continues to provide innovative services for families and young passengers, is our commitment to provide a comfortable ride,” said Mohammed Al Nahari, Emirates Country Manager for Indonesia during a Press Conference in Jakarta.

For older children, ages ranging from 6 years to 12 years, Emirates offers a variety of travel products that inspire by travel. In collaboration with Quiksilver, they provide some travel requirements such as: travel journal, wallet surfing, and card games.
Not just toys, Emirates also provide special menus for their young passengers. Can be tailored to the tastes and needs of the child, as long as 24 hours before a flight booked through a travel agent or directly to the office of the Emirates.

Airlines KLM

Dutch national airline is providing locker room large enough diapers on the plane, as well as diapers and baby wipes. KLM is also the only airline that allows passengers to carry stroller. There are also baby food and other supplies, free of charge. To get all these facilities, passengers must register first to the Junior Jet service. From Jakarta, KLM serves a number of routes to countries in Asia and Europe.

Singapore Airlines

for passenger baby, basket beds available, diapers and milk bottles. For older children, especially for children available channels, plus video games that can be played with other passengers. Child’s special food menu can also be ordered on all flights except the Singapore – Kuala Lumpur route. To ensure this special service, make sure you report it to the needs of Singapore Airline office to fill out a special form in advance


Eva Air

Hello Kitty character provides special cabin for passengers pamper their kid. Starting from the apron of the flight attendants, food until toiletris nuanced bottles Hello Kitty character. This particular cabin serves some other route between Taipei-Hong Kong, Taipei-Tokyo also Taipei – Shanghai. From Jakarta, Eva Air flies to several destinations such as Taipei, Seoul, Macau also San Francisco, USA

Japan Air Lines

Planes Japanese original is quite friendly and splurge on infant passengers. Even specifically for babies under 2 years old, JAL provides equipment such as spoon that shaped like aircraft and eat and drink boxes that can be owned passenger by Tupperware.

They also provide aircraft miniature games, origami, cards, and a variety of children’s books. From Jakarta JAL serve diverse routes to cities in Japan, Korea or the United States.


Tanjung Lesung beach – Loveliness in west beach java

The word ‘lesung’ reminds us of the sweet small smile on the cheek. Well, the name of Tanjung Lesung perhaps like to a similar of beauty. This beach does look attractive because the location where the beaches are like dimples land jutting into the sea from the beach sand sprinkled water sparkling clear water and beautiful to look at.

Pantai Tanjung Lesung - Gallery (3)

Indonesia fortunate awarded many beaches with charming views. Almost in every province in the archipelago there are beautiful beaches that are a lot of good that has not been a lot of famous or unknown. One of the beautiful beaches worth visiting are Tajung Lesung beach cover up a stone on the west side, exactly Tanjung Jaya village, district PANIMBANG, Pandeglang, Banten Province.

If earlier during a visit to Banten choose Carita or Beach Anyer beach, so this time why do not you pay a visit to the Tanjung Lesung. Here the scenery is no less spectacular beaches with sea water bath and the vast lake hills are not so steep.

The name ‘ cape mortar ‘according to the local community expression derived from beach location nomination form similar land jutting into the sea end of the mortar, that the traditional tools of rice pounder. This beach prevalence of approximately 1,500 hectares and officially opened to the public in January 1998.
When in this beach you will feel like being in Bali for its beaches on the island are similar. Gently sloping sand beaches reaching 15 kilometers to give enough space to the visitor to perform a variety of fun activities, from playing the sand, sunbathing, or exercising.

Pantai Tanjung Lesung - Gallery (1)

Besides the beaches are still clean and natural, a stone Cape Coast also offers white sand bath rug. Walking on it was accompanied by a slight breeze own enjoyment. Its waves are not too big to allow you to swim, jet skis, snorkeling, boat rides, or fishing.

Cape Coast is perfect mortar for couples who want to honeymoon. Suasanya wraps calm nature, romantic scenery. Walking on the beach while the evening with the couple join hands and listened as the waves splash will be very beautiful and become effective and romantic memories.

Visit Indonesia From Youtube

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You can see the Indonesia from these video below on youtube… let’s go to Indonesia…

Indonesia is the sleeping giant of Southeast Asia. With 18,110 islands, 6,000 of them inhabited, it is the largest archipelago in the world. With almost 240 million people, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world — after China, India and the USA — and by far the largest in Southeast Asia. Indonesia also has the largest Muslim population in the world.

Indonesia markets itself as Wonderful Indonesia, and the slogan is quite true, although not necessarily always in good ways. Indonesia’s tropical forests are the second-largest in the world after Brazil, and are being logged and cut down at the same alarming speed. While the rich shop and party in Jakarta and Bali. After decades of economic mismanagement 50.6% of the population still earns less than US$2/day according to figures compiled by the World bank in 2009. This had come down by 6% in the 2 years between 2007 and 2009.

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Persatuan Hotel dan Restoran Indonesia (PHRI) accelerate hotel security checks

The Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) Bali chapter and the Bali Police are working together to verify security management at star-rated hotels as part of the preparations for the APEC Summit in October.

Ida Bagus Purwa Sidemen, PHRI executive director, said on Wednesday that verification of the four- and five-star hotels where APEC delegates were to be staying would be completed by the end of July. The verified hotels will obtain security standard certificates in August.

“We started the verification on April 11. As of this Tuesday, we have verified 11 hotels in the BTDC complex in Nusa Dua,” Sidemen told The Jakarta Post. — The Jakarta Post

That is of course the aftermath of the infamous Bali terror attacks in 2002, where a car bomb detonated near a club full of Australian tourists. The victims were just dancing and laughing and having a good time when Muslim fundamentalists decided that the best way to get the world behind their cause was to make those innocent, joyful tourists die horribly in flames.

The verifications are conducted twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. by a team consisting of six police officers and four representatives from PHRI. It takes one day for the team to verify one hotel.

Thirteen hotels in the BTDC complex have been prioritized for verification as they will house APEC delegates. After the 13 hotels have been verified, the team will continue its work checking security management in the surrounding areas, including Sawangan, Tanjung Benoa, Ungasan, Jimbaran and Kuta.

Sidemen said that the association and the police were now prioritizing verification of hotels that would be occupied by APEC delegates, but they would continue until a total of 101 star-rated hotels in Bali, comprising 48 four-star hotels and 53 five-star hotels, had been verified.

“By the end of this year, we hope that we will have completed verification of 85 percent of those hotels.” — The Jakarta Post