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Harmony on the island of yapen

Pulau Yapen

Have you ever heard the name of Yapen Island? Yapen Island is an island in the southern of Biak Island, Cendrawasih Bay – Papua, Yapen Island is a special island that many beautiful birds live here like Cendrawasih (the birds of paradise), turtles also chose coastal beaches to lay their eggs. The unique one, along the coast of inggrisaw and mambasiwi on this island, there are four species of sea turtles come to lay their eggs. One is the Belimbing Turtle, the largest turtle in the world where the adult reaches a length of about two meters and the shell striped lengthwise like starfruit.


In the Yapen Island, Cendrawasih Birds and turtles are protected, the conservation was started in 2011 by saireri foundation, which has a land area of 20.000 hectares in Yapen Island. Not only the challenges of nature, bird of paradise and turtle preservation of human challenges. Bird of Paradise is often hunted for their fur, which is used as the decoration of local custom clothing, hats to women in Europe in the last century. While sea turtles are harvested for food, and even the eggs were too.

Penyu Belimbing