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Hot springs and healing at Ciater Spa Resort

Hot springs and healing at Ciater Spa Resort

Ciater Spa Resort Jl . Raya Ciater , Subang , West Java , offers its visitors much more than hot springs .

The medical and wellness spa founded in the early 1990s focused on medical technology and services to patients and visitors , also claim that the fresh cool air and picturesque surroundings will stimulate the healing process.

According to Doctor Widya Pramoedji , the in – house doctor at the facility , the medical center imported equipment from Germany and the staff was trained for six years by a professor from the former Yugoslavia .

Lousi of the nursing staff , said the facility usually elderly patients with health problems related to muscles , bones or nerves , such as stroke or rheumatism .

Hot springs and healing at Ciater Spa Resort

Sometimes, however , younger people visit the facility for preventive measures .

Treatment usually begins with muscle stimulation using ultra sound or infrared light .

This is then followed by selected sessions with a therapist to the problem area using machine activities such as yoga or physical therapy focus .

Treatment often ends with a session in a natural hot spring pool .

According Widya , the spring water have known healing benefits .

” The warm temperature will relax the muscles , ” he explained, adding that the soft nature of the water, which to float , the body is also beneficial to the therapy .

Hot springs and healing at Ciater Spa Resort