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Most people living in the Netherlands probably fly with KLM / Air France via Paris to Antananarivo Schiphol (short: Tana) and back. Here some advice,

If you have your travel plans you can not go the very next day after arriving on tour. You then run the risk that you should do. Long time without case The flight from Paris to Antananarivo, arriving around 22:30 is notorious for leaving luggage in Paris. And since this flight every 2 days go, it is essential to be sure to pick up your suitcase. Itself again after 2 days Our tour began, the day after arrival, with a short trip from Tana to Andasibe and return, with one night, and so we were just in time to pick up. My suitcase from the airport There is really nothing to get at that airport even a toothbrush, even our hotel had nothing, so plug for safety some extra stuff in your hand luggage or change the time what with the trunk of a travel partner.


Antananarivo is not a city where you want to stay long. There is little to do and, reputedly dangerous.
Tana plane to Paris at around midnight, so you’ll want to spend in each case.’s last day in Tana I would like to recommend the following program:

1. visit Ambohimanga, the only cultural place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Take as a guide to visit, walk around and enjoy the views. Buildings and palaces

2. Lunch at the Café de la Gare. This restaurant is housed in the former railway station Tana. Amazing!

3. Ride to the highest hill where the palace (Rova) Queen Ranovalona II. The palace is ws still closed for renovations, but the area adjacent viewpoint is fantastic.

4. Visit the Marche Artisanal de la Digue, where you can find. Around 100 shops in any souvenir

Traffic in Tana is hopeless. Count at least 2 hours to get. From one side of town to the other



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